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  Trade Compliance Consulting

"Circinus" is the name of a constellation in the Southern Hemisphere that translates into "The Compasses". Since a compass is a vital navigational tool, we thought it a fitting name for a business that was created to help companies navigate the labyrinth of U.S. import and export regulations.

Circinus, Ltd. provides knowledgeable, cost-effective navigation to import and export compliance. Ann Thomas, President of Circinus, is a skilled professional with 17 years of experience in import/export regulatory compliance and commercial trade issues who has the expertise to chart your course through the maze of regulations.

Assisting clients ranging from small, start-up operations to large corporations, Circinus provides the expertise and services you need to remain compliant with U.S. import and export regulations. Instead of getting lost in arcane government regulations and bureaucratic red tape, your company can stay focused on its core business. If the success of your company relies on unrestricted export sales or the smooth flow of imported goods, then it is vital to remain in compliance with these regulations. Rely on Circinus, Ltd. for expert navigation to your trade compliance.