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Circinus offers expert navigation through the labyrinth of U.S. import and export regulations. Available on a project or retainer basis, our suite of services feature the following selections:

Assessments and Audits
Whether your company is preparing for a compliance audit by a U.S. government agency or you simply want to ensure that you have a healthy compliance program, Circinus will conduct a detailed procedural assessment or transactional audit that will reveal your program’s strengths and weaknesses.

Circinus will assist your company with all phases of becoming a C-TPAT member, including drafting the application or "Memorandum of Understanding", preparing the security questionnaire, and assisting throughout the validation process.

Product Classification
Circinus has expertise in classifying goods, software, and technology under the Export Administration Regulations, the Harmonized Tariff System of the U.S., and the Schedule B statistical classifications.

Policies and Procedures
Whether you need an Export Management System or an Import Control Program, Circinus will develop cost-effective policies and procedures tailored to your business model.

Circinus offers customized training on a variety of trade compliance topics in an atmosphere that is fun and interactive, with hands-on exercises that reinforce the key concepts and encourage discussion.

License Applications and Classification Requests
Circinus will prepare and submit your export license applications and supporting documents, classification requests, advisory opinion requests, and other applications or formal government requests.

Please contact Circinus at 651.490.3201 for more information on these and other services.